Slow rate of applicants at the DSC for 2010/2011 year raises concerns for college Management


The Office of Admissions of the Dominica State College (DSC), today expressed very serious concern about the small number of students who have submitted applications for entry into the 2010/2011 College programme.


DSC expects between 900 and 1,000 students to submit applications for admittance to the 2010/2011 programmes. But, so far, only 385 students have applied. This number is significantly low in view of the deadline for submission of applications which is July 30th, 2010. Director of continuing education at the DSC, Mr. Merrill J. Matthew said that with only one more week remaining before, the college should have already received in excess of 700 applications.


He said that while it is not very clear as to why the numbers are so low at present, it may be that students might have forgotten that they must apply before they receive their CXC results. Matthew lamented that students who do not submit applications on or before the deadline, may be disadvantaged greatly. Some of the Likely disadvantages include:

  • Difficulty in entering programmes of choice
  • Deferment of the start of classes
  • Additional fees for late application
  • Missing out on orientation for 2010/2011 college year; and
  • Stress of not knowing if one will be admitted into a programme.

Mr. Matthew stressed that the heart of the business of Dominica State College is students’ success and states that when students put themselves at risk, by not submitting their applications on time, it generates anxiety for the college.


In that regard, Mr. Matthew appealed to students to register before the deadline and hopes that anyone hearing would inform their neighbors and friends and encourage immediate application.

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