Social Centre celebrates 60 years in the business

Several awards were given to local businesses, firms and government ministries for their continuous contributions to the Social Centre as part of the institution’s 60th anniversary celebrations, on Wednesday June 2nd, 2010. Among the many awardees were the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Community and Development and Belfast Estate. The opening ceremony was followed by an exhibition displaying the talents of parents, students and the staff members of the Social Centre and members of the Social League. The Social Centre has been a pioneer for their social work and services on the island for the past 60 years and has made beneficial contributions in the lives of many individuals and all communities on the island. Three parents were also awarded for their amazing poetic skills, at the opening ceremony on Wednesday. The winners were Mr. Brendan Defoe, Ms Cathlyn Pond and Ms Avril Karam. Acting Chief Welfare Officer Mr. Martin Anthony called on the nation to re-double their efforts to pay particular attention to the young people. Mr. Anthony believes that with the existence of such an institution it will help curb the lives of individuals as well as the young people, in keeping with their mission “to promote the well being of families.”

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