Social Clubs in Dominica are Significant, Says Ambrose George


Minister for Information Telecommunications and Constituency Empowerment, Ambrose George

Minister for Information Telecommunications and Constituency Empowerment Ambrose George, says several clubs on Island all play important roles and responsibilities in society.

Mr. George stated, that volunteerism is important in our society, although it is rather scarce amongst our youth.

In the past, helping others was a normal attribute he said; however, today, money may be requested.

The Minister believes sporting activities hosted by these clubs, within our society, will allow our youth to display their talents and skills in several sporting arenas.

Another aspect which he says the clubs tackle, is promoting healthy eating habits by hosting health awareness activities.

The clubs also help to stem some of the country’s ongoing challenges.

He urged the clubs to take advantage of the social networks available.

The Minister also suggested that each club member, mentor an individual for a period of time, to effectively guide them

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