Social Workers Students Visits Dominica

As part of increasing student tourism to Dominica, a total of 16 students seeking to be social workers recently completed a stay on Island.

The students who were from Guadeloupe were on Island for a study tour, which went from July 12th to 15th.

Marketing Executive of Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), Ms. Daphne Vidal explained the purpose of the visit;

Ms. Vidal says this is all part of experiential learning, where students travel to other countries to learn something educational, while at the same time visit and learn more about another country.

The students met with officials of the Ministry of Social Services and Operation Youth Quake, and various site attractions.

Another group of 35 persons from the Contacts Recherche Caraibe CORECA association, visited Dominica during the time of the social worker students.

The main objectives of the CORECA group was to strengthen ties with neighbouring islands through discovery, meetings, cultural exchanges, and solidarity, while the group expressed keen interest in learning more about the Kalinago heritage and culture, and concluded their stay in Dominica with a visit to the Kalinago Barana Aute.


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