Solid Waste Advance School Waste Management Project Officially Launched


DSWC’s General Manager, Mr. Bristol Lawrence

In the thrust to continue to keep Dominica green and clean, the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation (DSWMC), launched a 3rd Advance Waste Management Project at the Goodwill Primary School on Wednesday February 20th 2013.

At the ceremony, Public Relations Officer of the DSWMC, Mr. Jeno Jacob stated, this project is a milestone in the history of the Department, on the importance of educating the youth on Solid Waste Management.

DSWC’s General Manager, Mr. Bristol Lawrence pointed out, we need to reduce waste, as the volume of waste that goes to the landfill each year is steadily increasing.

He stated we need to take all necessary action, to reduce our waste in ways such as; printing on both sides of paper, reusing reusable shopping bags and sending emails rather than writing letters, among others.

He revealed that the landfill has a life expectancy of 15 years out of which eight has been used up, leaving seven left.

So recycling is very important at this time.

Greater emphasis needs to be placed on the environment, while recognizing a greater value of waste which he is of the view are two key ways to protecting our environment.

Deputy Principal of the Goodwill Primary School, Mrs. Elizabeth Serrant, who welcomed the initiative, says this project is an ideal form of education, for many students in this catchment area.

Mrs. Serrant noted, it is a wonderful opportunity for those who are not academically inclined, to use hands on approach, while they develop certain skills and acquire valuable knowledge through this project.

Environmental Officer, Ms. Kimisha Thomas of the Environmental Coordinating Unit (ECU) mentioned, that the Government of Dominica embarked on a low carbon climate resilience development strategy, in the effort to combat climate change on a national level, which marries perfectly with the 3rd project.

She urged the students to take the knowledge they will acquire very seriously, as it will help them in many ways which they may not realize now.

Minister of Health, Honourable Julius Timothy mentioned that, the 3Rs project is an important aspect aimed at the youth as they are vital to the development of this country.

On that day, schools around the Island will be invited to the Goodwill Primary School to view a large exhibition on the 3Rs project.

Mr. Timothy added that the Government will continue to give its commitment to all initiatives which seek to promote a clean and green environment, that is vital to promoting Dominica as the Nature Island of the world.

The Goodwill Primary School was presented with equipment to keep their environment clean on behalf of the DSWMC and stakeholders who teamed up with them for this project.

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