Solid Waste Manager says Waste at Landfill Increasing Each Year

Fond Cole Landfill

General Manager of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation (DSWMC) Mr. Bristol Lawrence is urging Dominicans to take Reducing, Reusing and Recycling very seriously now more than ever.

He made the statement as he indicated that data from researches show that each year the volume of waste in Dominica has been increasing.

Mr. Lawrence added that the increase in waste also presents numerous challenges to their trucks and equipment at the landfill, which persons should understand.

Like every other institution, the Corporation is feeling the strain of the global financial down turn, and a change in the way of how waste can be treated and disposed, is a process they are constantly trying to improve.

At the same time when they are confronted with these challenges, there is an even greater challenge with the decrease in mainstream revenue to run the daily operations of the Corporation.

Fond Cole Landfill

Mr. Lawrence pointed out that this is closely related to the drop in environmental levy associated with the cruise industry.

On a more positive note Mr. Lawrence stated that the community spirit has been overwhelming, namely when it comes to the removal of derelict vehicles and hazardous waste in the environment.

Over the last 12 months there has been the removal of approximately 600 derelict vehicles, and over 10,600 used lead acid batteries from the environment.

The General Manager says they remain optimistic that recycling as part of the 3 R’s campaign, will not only assist in waste management but will bring across other social and economic benefits to Dominica.

He went on to say that with the cooperation of the public and private sector they will work towards driving growth and sustainability for the environment.

Entrance of Fond Cole Landfill


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