Solid Waste Official Says Dominicans Should Only Put Out Rubbish During Collection Time Schedule

One official of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation (DSWMC), is urging residents of Pointe Michel and Dominicans on a wider scale, to only put out their garbage for pick up during the stipulated time during the collection schedule days.

This advice came from Collections and Fleet Manager of the Dominica Solid Waste Management (DSWMC), Mr. Florian Michel on the heels of residents of Pointe Michel complaining last week that their rubbish was left by the side of the road for days.

The residents argued that the collection days are Monday’s and Thursday’s, but when they put out their garbage for collection on a Monday for one particular week, it was left and dogs spread the rubbish all over.

They also complained that the rubbish smelled a lot and was posing health problems for them and children, and affecting business in the vicinity in a negative way.

However Mr. Michel says that they did experience some problems in sticking to their regular collection of garbage schedule.

He said this initiative will assist the DSWMC in the event there is a problem with the Solid Waste equipment, the garbage will be containerized and stored which will limit and or eliminate the ravaging of the rubbish by stray dogs which adds insult to injury when they get in contact with the garbage.

Mr. Michel says that they have noticed the problem, and the placement of these drums is in the hope to solving the problem.

In response to one of the concerned residents ideas, where he stated the DSWMC could place a large garbage bin in an secluded area of the community, so when it is filled with garbage it will not be an eye soar, and the road will be kept clean, Mr. Michel says;

Mr. Michel says that with machinery, there will always be equipment failure which is something we cannot run away from, and Pointe Michel is not the only community they had problems with their equipment.

The Collections and Fleet Manager of the Dominica Solid Waste Management had a message to the residents of Pointe Michel;

He went on to say that villagers should take note that the collection for garbage is, Monday’s and Thursday’s from 4pm, and no time before that, and if the public cooperates there will not be a problem with the garbage.


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