Soul Puss’ says he is satisfied with finals judging

Many patrons who attended the calypso finals, was shocked at the judges’ decision, when the final four calypsonians were selected.


With the final four being King Dice, King Karessah, webb and the bobb. Many persons began talking to each other in dissatisfaction, that soul puss was not selected in the final four.


The patrons were saying that, soul puss had a comparable performance to King Dice for his performances of ‘never be a slave again, and back to the soil,’ which the crowd cheered loudly for in full appreciation.


However speaking with soul puss, he says his satisfaction is making sure that he pleases all of his fans, and the judges did what they have to do, and he cannot change the judges’ decision.


Soul puss says, as an artiste you have to be very creative, and this is just what he has been doing to gain popularly of the fans, and he will continue to be creative, to do much better for calypso 2013’s competition.


Soul puss went on to say, that he loves his fans and is urging all of them to hold strong, as he will be coming on strong for next year’s competition.

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