Special Prize Offer for Calypso Finals

Mr. Bellot

Manager of LINK newsmagazine, Mr. Parry Bellot

$200 and a special prize will be offered to the Calypso Finals from LINK newsmagazine, for the best use of a non-traditional musical instrument by any calypsonian and his backup band.

The non-traditional musical instrument should include a bamboo flute, live steel pan or violin.

Further, if the calypsonian is ultimately judged among the top three winners, then the prize amount increases to $500. Manager of LINK newsmagazine Mr. Parry Bellot, said “We at LINK news magazine felt the need to boost the Calypso genre”.

He made mention that the calypsonians are aware of this offer and it has already been discussed with the Calypso Association.

Mr. Bellot believes it is vital to showcase our culture and maintain our tradition. The basis of tradition is reason and experience he added.

He says experience is perhaps as important, or more important than reason because it extends beyond reason, mental horizons and embodies factors which people only dimly perceive and cannot rationally explain.

Mr. Bellot noted, because traditions are familiar, individuals know what to expect because the tradition has been repeated over time.  He says there is no surprise or anything new, you have fond memories of the last time you participated and you feel a sense of security.

Mr. Bellot says in terms with the controversy about Calypsonian Hunter, it is saddening to see that he was forced to drop out due to something so simple.

“Allegedly, there is no rule from the Calypso Association stating that a calypsonian cannot write his lyrics on his hand”, he said.

On behalf of LINK newsmagazine, Mr. Bellot wishes the calypsonians the best of luck.

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