Sports Commentator Shares his Concerns on Dominica Cricket AGM

Joseph T

Sports Commentator, Mr. Joseph Thomas,

Since the Annual General Meeting of the Dominica Cricket Association which was held on December 22nd, Sports Commentator Mr. Joseph Thomas, has been concerned about a few things.

According to Mr. Thomas, one of the main things on the agenda was the election of officers.

He explained that the ground floor used to be open in meetings such as these before, also the constitution made provisions for delegates to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

A strategic plan was presented at the AGM which Mr. Thomas says does not make too much sense.

He says there is a lot of repetition of things that were supposed to be done within the past 8-10 years.

Mr. Thomas says that the Cricket Association needs to get their act together as far as the development of cricket is concerned.

Mention was made of an under 19 league which took place in 2011 however, the grass root of our cricket comes from the school which is supervised and organized by the Sports Division

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