Sports Division Hosts 5th Health Walk

Sports Officer, Godwin Dorsette

In an effort to control the recent increase of non-communicable diseases in Dominica, the Sports Division has been hosting a series of “health walks” throughout various districts.

Sports Officer Mr. Godwin Dorsette, says though the very 1st Health walk turn-out was slow, the others have been much greater.

Mr. Dorsette believes by just taking a 30 minute walk every day, it will keep the body healthy.

In addition he stated that walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can ease any one into a higher level of fitness while combating many illnesses.

The Sports Division encourages Dominicans of all ages to practice healthy lifestyles and invites members of the public to participate.

He added that since this will be held in his area, he has very high expectations.

Mr. Dorsette also informed SAT News that a meeting will be held for the North East Sports Officers and leaders on Sunday 25th, in San Sauveur.

The sports officer is urging citizens to take these event seriously and participate!


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