Sports Division Hosts 6th District Health Walk


Sports Officer, Mr. Godwin Dorsette

We try to do many things at a time and normally find that the day should have more than 24 hours.

Many people have full time jobs of more than eight hours a day, have to take work to home, study a long distance course and on top of that, take care of a family or home.

The last thing in our “to do list” is to take care of our health and fitness.

The Sports Division’s objective is to make people aware that these are two aspects of their being they cannot be careless about, and that needs as much attention as any other aspect of our lives.

This is why the Sports Division will host their 6th District Health Walk on Saturday January 12th, 2013.

The walk will begin in Tete Lalae towards Pierre Charles Boulevard .

Over the years, statistics have shown that health has been a major issue for political leaders.

heart_healthy_diet2The increase in the number of people suffering with obesity and the illnesses related to this condition, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, have made them rethink the strategy to battle this.

There are important campaigns in schools and health centers targeted to kids and parents, to make them aware of the importance of keeping a healthy diet and exercise.

However it is difficult to keep people and specially kids away from hamburgers, fizzy drinks and fast food.

Sports Officer Mr. Godwin Dorsette,  says even if the people are aware of what needs to be done to be fit and healthy, there still is not a great turn out at the health walks.

We seem to find it very difficult to organize our schedules in order to make time for cooking meals and eating healthily.

Mr. Dorsette wants to remind the public that fitness is another big issue that is closely related to the lifestyles we choose.

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