Sports Officer Speaks on Importance of Healthy Living

Sports Officer, Godwin Dorsette

Sports Officer, Godwin Dorsette

‘A healthy lifestyle is composed of a number of factors, of which diet and exercise are the most obvious. Learning to deal with stress, sleeping enough hours, not smoking and drinking responsibly are also part of the equation’.

This is the message that Sports Officer, Mr. Godwin Dorsette is trying to send out to the public. Mr. Dorsette says that a healthy diet should provide the essential nutrients you need as well as the fuels for physical activity and daily functioning.

He added that it is also important to be physically active.

The Sports Officer says you should keep your body physically active, because becoming fat or obese is extremely easy however; losing the weight is the difficult part.

Healthy eating can help to manage your weight and reduce your risk for a variety of chronic diseases.

healthy-lifestyleMr. Dorsette says most times obesity is inherited and other times, it is caused due to laziness and stored up energy.

Mr. Dorsette says those that are already athletic and healthy, and they wish to maintain this healthy lifestyle, they simply need to “tone” their body.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can do more than prevent disease. It can also help you have more energy and stamina, stay slim, be more alert, fight stress and live a longer life.

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