Sports Officers Speaks On NBD Primary School Football Competition

Godwin Dorsette

Sports Officer, Mr. Godwin Dorsette

The National Bank of Dominica (NBD), continue to show support to our athletes as they held their Primary Schools Competition, organized by the Sports Division on Tuesday February 5th.

The competition was held in the East Zone and took place at the Layou Park. The teams included the Wesley Primary School, Akinson Primary, and the Salybia Primary amongst others.

Sports Officer Mr. Godwin Dorsette, says athletes have to enjoy their training program or they probably will not stay with it long enough to see results.

He added, rather than picking a generic program or doing what their friends do, they should adjust their workout time and intensity so it fits their lifestyle, current fitness level and allows them to push themselves as needed.

For that reason, the most valuable player was selected from each school and awarded for their continued efforts.

Mr. Dorsette believes that athletes need to know the value of physical preparation for competition. The harder they work the on the field, the more competitive their game.

Reading is a discipline, like running he added.

It may take some practice, but it will pay off in the end with keen focus and broader knowledge that will help them to stay fit in the classroom.

Mr. Dorsette described this game as very interesting, and fulfilling for the participants.


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