Sportsmen and women encouraged to ‘obey their parents and fear God’

Sportsmen and women on the island have been called upon to show respect to each other, but more so, to their parents.


This call was made by the Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph at the 18th Annual Secondary School Awards Ceremony last week.


“I am saying to you that for you to be successful in life you must respect your parents. Even if your parents are looking like they are same age with you or same height with you, you can never be their age; they are your parents…”


“…so those of you who tend to think that you can be rude to your parents, you’ll ultimately be rude to your school and your community and the achievement you are getting now will be of no use to you”, advised Joseph.


The Mayor also advised the youth to serve God in order to have prosperous and successful lives. He said that while they should be thankful to those who helped them in receiving these trophies, all the praise belongs to the Almighty.


“You must serve God! Too many times fifty percent of you do not go to church. To be successful in what you are doing, you must have the presence of God”, said Joseph.

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