SSMR day in Soufriere

It was a very momentous day, as students from a number of Primary Schools island-wide all gathered in the fishing village of Soufriere for the annual Soufriere, Scotts Head marine Reserve Day (SSMR) on Saturday June 30th.

Chief Fisheries Officer in the Fisheries Division, Mr. Andrew Magloire says that the SSMR Day has been conducted annually since 1995, which is a climax of the marine environment program that is conducted in the schools.

The Fisheries Division visits the schools where they discuss and talk about environmental matters, all in the effort to educate they students on the importance on preserving the marine environment.

Mr. Magloire pointed out that SSMR Day was established, to give the primary school students an understanding in the principal of marine reserves.

The Fisheries Officer added that they felt over the years that they needed to protect the SSMR as it is a unique area, because of the formation of the bay as a result of volcanic activity, which makes it the premiere dive site in the country.

He said it was necessary to set up the reserve to allocate areas for users, to ensure that the users take ownership of the areas to the SSMR, and utilize it in a manner that is user friendly, and to ensure that the long term sustainability of the resources for the current and many other generations to come.

The students participated in a quiz competition, where they were quizzed on the marine environment.

At the end of the quiz competition the students all received a boat tour of the reserve, which they enjoyed, while learning more useful information on the environment.

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