St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s Parish Hosts “Motor Bike Day”

Fr. Franklyn Cuffy

St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s Parish Priest, Father Franklyn Cuffy

In regards to the amount of tragic motor cycle accidents that have occurred in a short space of time during 2012, St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s Parish Priest Father Franklyn Cuffy, says as a parish they are saddened.

Father Cuffy explained that what is more saddening is the fact that most of these people are young men.

He says this event will bring many people as possible together island-wide.

Father Cuffy noted that they are hoping to have a motorcade with motor bikes, as well as planned activities for the day.

He stated that this event will be observed around the same time as, ‘World Respect Day”.

He says it will begin with an assembly at the Convent High School which has been ongoing for a number of years.

The Parish Priest believes this will get the message across that human life does have value.

Motor Bike Day will officially be held on Saturday, January 26th.




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