St. Johns Primary Student Wins Round 2 of Reading Competition


St. Johns Primary Student Wins Round 2 of Reading Competition: Jovanni Peter

The St. Johns Primary School captured round two of the DBS, Radio Ministry of Education & Courts sponsored National Reading Competition 2013.

The articulate Jovanni Peter performed exceptional in both rounds of the competition, on Wednesday June 19th at the Public Service Union Building.

He was able to accumulate a total of 252 points which won him first position from a competition of 9 other students.

Khalid Leblanc, student from the Penville Primary came in second position with 237 points.

Paix Bouche Primary student, Solika Dupigny with a total of 230 points won 3rd position.

Nyrella St. Jean who represented the Clifton Primary School came in 4th position with a total of 228 points, while Grace Vidal from the Coulibistrie Primary followed closely with 227 points in fifth position.

The Temple Seventh Day Adventist student, Anisha Austrie was in sixth position with a total of 226 points.

The students made two presentations where they were judged on reading accuracy, correct interpretation of punctuation, distinct pronunciation of words and emphasis of key words.

Other participants of the competition included the W.S. Stevens Primary, Salisbury Primary, Calibishie Primary and Wesley Primary Schools.

The next reading Competition will be held on Friday 22nd June 2013.

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