St. Joseph Parl Rep Responds to UWP

Kelvar Darroux

The United Workers Party (UWP) stated at their public meeting held on Monday, September 10th, that the Parish of St. Joseph has the highest level of poverty, however Parliamentary Representative Mr. Kelvar Darroux thinks otherwise.

The Parliamentary Representative says that he has had his doubt about the report carried out, and he finds this statement rather interesting since St. Joseph consists of a lot of professional people.

Mr. Darroux mentioned that the UWP held a meeting in St. Joseph earlier this year.

In addition when they wanted to host fund raising events, out of all villages they chose St. Joseph also.

Conrad Shillingford

Mr. Conrad Shillingford says he strongly disagrees with this statement and this is a political “gimmick”.

Mr. Shillingford says he would like to know what the United Workers Party thinks is poverty.

He believes that the Opposition wants to take over St. Joseph and somehow turn the residents of St. Joseph against their Parl Rep.

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