St. Joseph’s Parliamentary Representative hosts Layou Titiwi Scholarship Presentation

vlcsnap-2013-08-15-15h59m19s162In 2010 during St. Joseph’s thanksgiving service, Honourable Kelvar Darroux, St. Joseph’s Parliamentary Representative announced that in 2011, he would award a secondary school scholarship to a needy student of Layou.

This scholarship program then became part of their Titiwi annual celebrations, where one student was to be added to the program yearly – the program which is now called the ‘Titwi Education Program’.

Today Thursday 15th, another student was awarded a scholarship totalling to three scholarships thus far.

13 students at secondary school level and 35 students at primary school level are also to be assisted.

Mr. Darroux believes this initiative is the fundamental asset of this program.

He stated when it refers to the education of our young children; we cannot allow political differences to play a role.

Mr. Darroux gave the mandate to the Layou Improvement Committee, to sift throughout the community, to select deserving students, based on their needs and particularly, the struggles of their parents.

Mr. Asher Augustus was the recipient of this year’s 2013 Titiwi Scholarship of $1500.

A member of the committee received the cheque on Mr. Augustus’ behalf;

The Titiwi Festival will be held on the last Sunday in September.

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