St. Luke’s Primary Adopts Child Friendly School Program


St. Luke’s Primary School Students

With a vision statement: The Holistic Development of Every Child, The St. Luke’s Primary School prides itself in developing well rounded students.

Mrs. Adeline Dubois David, a teacher at the school for 40 years, explained what the child friendly school program entails.

She said the program focuses on creating opportunities for children to express their views and opinions and also helps them to follow rules and regulations.

The St. Luke’s Primary realizes not all students are academically inclined and boasts of its afternoon programs that could influence these students’ careers.

By learning Agriculture Mrs. David believes the children are developing life skills that will prepare them for the future.

On Friday three students past and present who made contributions to the development of the school were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

They were: Jared Jean Jacques, for his contribution toward music, Macy Lawrence a student of grade six who is a professional diver and Danelle Dupigny a past student who recently made the Windwards team.

Omarie Christopher who has attends the school full term said the principle on which the school was built has molded him to be the person he is today.


Mrs. Adeline Dubois David, a teacher at the school for 40 years

As head boy, he has made his contributions to the school’s development.

This is why Omarie thinks his school is the most beautiful school in Dominica.

Take a listen to a poem performed by the entire student body of the St. Luke’s Primary School.

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