St. Martin Secondary School Fundraiser for Renovations to Kitchen

Principal of SMSS, Ms. Andra Christian

St. Martin Secondary School (SMSS) is really joining in with the celebrations, as they hosted “Soup Day” as part of World’s Food Day. They used this opportunity to raise funds for the renovation for a new kitchen.

There were different varieties of soup available which made the event a total success. The school arranged a “delivery process” where they would deliver soups to those who could not make it to the school.

Principal of SMSS Ms. Andra Christian stated that the student’s safety comes first and the roof is in serious need of development.

She says the school has been hosting fundraising events since last year, but when they realized how badly the roof had deteriorated, they saw it as motivation to host more events in shorter space of time.

Different varieties of soup prepared by SMSS staff and students

Ms. Christian says they want to send an appeal to everyone including past students to help with the repair of the new roof.

Although the fundraising events held have been successful in the past, the funds raised were not enough for the renovations.

She is hoping events such as this will speed up the process.

Delicious soup in the making

The Principal was pleased with the student’s participation as well as the teachers.


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