St. Martin Secondary School Recognises Positive Women

Principal of SMSS, Ms. Andra Christian

Students as well as teachers from the St. Martin Secondary School (SMSS) paid a special tribute and recognition to positive women on Monday October 15th, as part of World Rural Women’s Day.

Principal of SMSS Ms. Andra Christian stated that almost every single person has a rural background although we might reside in the urban area.

Ms. Christian added that this is an opportunity for the young women to be educated about the positive women among us and their contributions.

Teacher at SMMS Ms. Natasha Xervier says that they are joining the world in celebrating World Rural Women’s Day with a special assembly.

Teacher at SMMS, Ms. Natasha Xervier

Ms. Xervier stated that icons from Dominica were selected to give speeches at the assembly because she feels their story could have a positive impact on the young ladies lives.

She says the whole idea was to recgonise the women from rural communities that have worked extremely hard and she is pleased that the school decided to join in the celebration.

Ms. Xervier says most of the women with rural backgrounds have made major progress and this is the point of this activity.



St. Martin Secondary School Recognises Positive Women

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