Staff of Rodney’s Wellness Retreat Inc graduate from a training programme

Staff of the Rodney’s Wellness Retreat Inc, located at Soufriere, have been advised to make good customer service their priority, in order to attract and keep their guests.


This call came from Mr Brian Meade, who was the facilitator of a food, beverage and customer service training for the staff at the institution.


Mr Meade, who holds 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, said that a number of topics were covered during the training including serving, the laying of tables and personal grooming.


The participants, who received an overall average of ninety percent, were presented with their certificates at a ceremony on Tuesday.


A pre-activity involving wine testing presented by Archipelago Trading Ltd preceded Tuesday’s ceremony.


Other subsidiaries of Rodney’s Wellness Retreat include Big Banana Camp Ground, Car Rod’s Gardens and Car Rod’s Cottages.

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