STARDOM Calypso Tent begins to build momentum


The turn out at the 3rd edition of Stardom Calypso Tent was much better than that of last week, due to good weather conditions.

The event which began on January 22ND and will culminate on March 20TH, 2011 featured a well-balanced mix of both female and male calypsonians.


Halfway through the show, Pottersville resident Sour Sour, who is known for some of his popular songs such as ‘Cool Pipe’ and ‘Pisanit’ set the pace for the other calypsonians with his 2011 calypso rendition ‘Yow Yow’.


He was followed by female calypsonians Lady Star and Tasha P.


Tasha p was then followed by Exposer who sang a response to her 2010 calypso song ‘He’s a boy’.


But all this was before four (4) former Calypso Kings; Observer, Daddy Chess, Hunter and Karessah enticed the crowd with some of the most popular calypsos, ever to be composed.


And of course, the show would not have been completed without the much-anticipated guest performance by unwanted.


The event, which is being held at Krazy Koconuts from 9:00pm every Wednesday, showcases over twenty-eight (28) prominent calypsonians.

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