Stardom Calypso Tent Official Launch

Stardom Tent

Digicel sponsors $25,000 towards Stardom Calypso Tent 2013

Digicel sponsored $25,000 towards Stardom Calypso Tent 2013.

The cheque handing over was officially done at the launching of the Stardom Calypso Tent 2013 on Thursday January 3rd.

This year 28 to 29 performers moved on to the quarterfinals.

A mix of veterans and newcomers are part of the action that will be held at the Sisserou Hotel, beginning on Saturday January 5th.

Chairman of the Stardom Tent, Mr. Norman Letang, who has been doing this for over 50 years, is exceptionally excited about this year’s competition.

Events Coordinator of the Dominica Festivals Committee, Mrs. Nathalie Clarke Meade

With a greater than normal number of performers moving to quarter finals they may plan a “make or break” competition.

Events Coordinator of the Dominica Festivals Committee, Mrs. Nathalie Clarke Meade, thanked Mr. Letang for nurturing the tent for so many years.

She says that in Dominica we need to network to be able to work together to market our culture throughout the Caribbean and the world.

Dominica is very special, in that we still carry our African roots in our Carnival traditions with the sensay costumes.

Mrs. Meade says we should be proud of our African roots and continue to nurture it and keep it original.

She made mention that this Carnival City would be open to all those who provide costumes or any other goods relating to culture, to do so for the season.

Another main sponsor of the event is Belfast Estate, who is sponsoring over $10, 000 to the event.

Representative for Belfast Estate, Mrs. Hyacinth Ducreay, no other country in the Caribbean can lay claim to continued development of the genre of music we know was Calypso more than Dominica.

Similarly, no other local organization can boast about the significant role it plays in the continued development of the art form like Stardom Tent.

Other main sponsors of Stardom Tent 2013 are, Scotiabank, Domlec, Dominica Brewery and Beverages and Courts Dominica Ltd.

The tent opens on Saturday January 5th, at the Sisserou Hotel at 8:30pm.


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