State College to Host Materialism Forum

President of DSC Journalism Club, Ms. Kerdisha St. Louis

The Dominica State College will be hosting a forum on the 20th of November, on the topic, “Ihe Increase in Materialism Among School Children”.

President of DSC Journalism Club and chairman of its forum committee Ms. Kerdisha St. Louis, say as a group they see the rise in materialism among students of secondary as well as college institutions, and they feel that these issues should be addressed.

Ms. St. Louis added that this often leads to crime and violence, jealousy and low self-esteem. She mentioned that the club tries to cover all the major and important topics.

She added that they will be inviting people who run successful businesses within the country as well as a religious speaker.

Ms. St.Louis believes that this will be very beneficial to the public.

The last forum held was on the topic “Violence in Schools” and according to the President, it was a very interesting discussion.

Ms. St. Louis deems that this will be an interesting forum.


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