Stephen Henry remains in critical condition at the PMH after Carnival Tuesday accident


Family members of Stephen Henry, a Guyanese national who has been residing in Dominica for several years are now expressing concerns about the lack of attention that is being given to his case by the local authorities.


Henry, who resides on Greens Lane Goodwill, fell from the back of a vehicle on Federation Drive on Carnival Tuesday at approximately 9:30pm, while on duty.


Moments after the accident a huge crowd gathered at the scene of the incident to catch a glimpse of what had happened.


Henry, who is now nursing injuries at the Princess Margaret Hospital, was seen lying on the ground motionless with blood oozing from his head after he apparently received a blow in the head upon hitting the ground.


According to his relatives, since the incident, Henry has been unconscious at the Princess Margaret Hospital and to date nothing is being done about the matter.




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