Street Lights to be Installed Along Canefield Highway


Section of Canefield Highway Under Construction for new Street Lights

In an effort to further strengthen road security in Dominica, a project has begun under the Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports for the installation of street lights along the Canefield Highway.

This information was disclosed by Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports, Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore in an exclusive interview with SAT NEWS.

The Government is currently in the process of conducting estimates as to how many street lights will be needed for the project.

Honourable Blackmoore said the funds for these lights will be by way of grant funding.

“The Canefield project should take no more than three months to be completed.”

The contractors are currently engaged in steel work and once that is done, the concrete poles will be put up, followed by the street lights.”


Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore, Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports

Other major highways Island-wide will be targeted for similar projects including the La Lay Coco Highway in Loubiere, Petite Savanne, Vielle Case, Delices, Calibishie Wesley and Marigot.

The ministry will try to ensure that all lights are solar powered.

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