Strict rules implemented for Mahaut Bus Drivers



Mahaut/ Massacre Bus Stop

Although it has been just over a year since a new bus system was implemented in the Mahaut Bus Stop, there are still many disgruntled drivers who have continuously expressed their dissatisfaction.

Last week bus drivers voiced concerns over the new bus system, which they say is not working in their favor by

Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. Patrickson Albert speaks on the gravity of this issue.

He said the system is a model where all bus drivers should come together and cooperate.

“At present we have two or more officers from 10 onward, but what we have noticed from 7 in the morning the bus drivers are busy, they drop their passengers and they move back. But from 10 onwards, you find that they begin to park and come in line… so since then we have two or more officers from 10-5 pm” he said.

Mr. Albert said it would be beneficial to have a bus terminal in Roseau to alleviate such issues, however he explained that such a decision is beyond him.

The police are currently patrolling the Mahaut bus- stop area ensuring that the rules and regulations are obeyed.

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