Strong Family Ties are Needed to Develop Communities

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-14h39m39s141Ivor Stephenson, parliamentary representative for the Grandfond constituency, in his address called for stronger family ties to help in the development of the area.

According to Mr. Stephenson the school, churches and other foundation in the communities are the main pillars which helps and encourage the youth to achieve certain goals and making healthy life style decisions.

Good strong family values were fortified by the parliamentary representative as he believes it will bring about wellness.

The family must always be considered as the nuclear of society, where fathers’, mothers, sons and daughters can all play an active role in the home and community, Mr. Stephenson explained.

Too many single parents families are invading our communities, development of   strong families can help build up our culture.

He encouraged the formation of more youth groups, business enterprises, cooperatives and other organizations that will allow our youth to take leadership positions in their communities.

Your participation as young people in your own village organizations will empower you as youth to be future leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Stephenson reassured the youth that participating in various organizations will empower them to be the future leaders of tomorrow, which he said forms the fabric of society.

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