Students at the ITSS recognize their teachers for their invaluable contributions


Teachers at the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School were showered with flowers, cards and words of love from their students in observance of Teacher’s Appreciation Day. Among the many officials who addressed the Appreciation Ceremony, was Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency Honourable Kelver Darroux who called on the students to appreciate the work of their teachers.


Parlimentary Representative for the Salisbury Constituency and Leader of the Opposition Honourable Hector ‘Spags’ John highlighted the importance of education, as he pledged to work closely with the institution.


Minister of Education and Human Resource Development Honourable Petter Saint Jean commended the students for recognizing the very significant contributions of their teachers.


World Teacher’s Day is celebrated across the world on October 5th. Ever since the importance of teachers has been recognized by UNESCO, which adopted the “recommendation concerning the status of teachers”, World Teacher’s Day has been celebrated annually. This includes celebrations to honor the teachers for their special contribution in a particular field area or the Community in general.

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