Students Benefits from Theatre Appreciation Workshop


Managing Director of Teyat Pawol, Mr. Alex Bruno

Over 50 students from various high schools and college, are benefiting from a theatre appreciation workshop, organized by Teyat Pawol, a local theatre group being held at the Arawak House of Culture.

Managing Director of Teyat Pawol, Mr. Alex Bruno says this workshop will equip the young people with vital skills, to better express themselves in public and private settings.

The workshop began on Monday September 16th and will be conducted for three weeks from Mondays to Wednesdays, with the inclusion of four weekend days.

Some of the students will also play actors and actresses, in the International Lies Marathon also organized by Teyat Pawol, from September 19 to 22nd from 8:00pm.

Fans will be graced with the entertaining ‘Lies’ plays, including the popular ‘Man Does Lie’ 1 & 2 and ‘Woman Does Lie’ 1 & 2.

Interested persons can purchase tickets from Bulls Eye Pharmacy, at a nightly price of $20.00 or a package price of $60.00.

Mr. Bruno said he feels delighted to pass on the wealth of knowledge he possesses to the young people.

The students have been learning very well he said, some of which come from the Goodwill Secondary School, the Dominica Community High School, the Dominica State College and a few adults, creating a wonderful mixture of individuals.

Stage command, dynamics, voice control, pronunciation and good behaviour among others will be discussed at the workshop.

According to Mr. Bruno, “We’re all actors on this grand stage of life and everything that one does is seen by someone somewhere, so we must always carry ourselves with pride and dignity.”

The students will receive a diploma, following the workshop to signify their successful completion.

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