Students of st. Martin School happy with grade six national assessment results

Students of the St. Martin Primary School all had a reason to celebrate, as the three students excelled at the Grade Six National Assessment Examinations which was held in May.

Twelve year old Selena Pacquette who is the Island Scholarship, says she feels very happy that she came out as the top student on the Island, which was expected of her.

Ms. Pacquette pointed out that since from Kindergarten, she was always told to do her very best so she can succeed at the exams, and she also took additional classes after school which helped.

She says she wants to go to the Convent High School, as it is of her opinion that it is the best school.

Ms. Pacquette went on to say she wants to be an Astraunoma, as it is something she was fascinated with.

Second on the Island was Kerene Williams says, although she worked hard to come out as number one, she is still happy with her performance at the exam.

Ms. Williams also added the additional class after school was a contributing factor to her success.
She also had a message to the youth.

Fourth place Ms. Kelma Rolle pointed out that although the exams were very hard, she was prepared.

Ms. Rolle also said that she wants to attend the Convent High School, since the work is challenging and she loves a challenge.

Wilma Rolle, the mother of Kelma Rolle pointed out that, she is very proud of her daughter on her achievement in the exams.

She added that parents must play active roles in their children’s education so they can succeed.

Ms. Paula Williams who is the mother of Kerene Williams says this success runs in the family, as her son was the Island Scholar in 2009, and now her daughter is 2nd in 2012, so her son set the stage for his sister to follow.

Ms. Williams had a message to all parents.

Class teacher of Grade Six 1, Ms. Francess Bonnie says that she is proud that her hard work lead to the success of the students in her class.

Ms. Francess added that she received a lot of encouragement from her principal and also other teachers.

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