Students’ skills and talents displayed at St Martin’s Secondary School open day / exhibition

‘Learning in action’.

That’s the theme under which the St Martin’s Secondary School held their three-day open day and exhibition at the institution.

The open day began with a ceremony on Wednesday, where several students entertained the gathering, with renditions in song, drama and poetry.

Teacher at the school, Miss Jacelyn Labadie says the event will allow students to showcase their skills, knowledge and talent in various domains.

Miss Labadie says the St marti

n’s secondary school offers quality secondary education to young girls, and is well known for the discipline and sound moral values, which it seeks to instill in its students.

During the week, parents are also invited to sit in the classrooms with the students, as part of the open day.

The school’s open day also coincides with activities marking the year of the youth in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Miss Labadie says it is hoped that the event will help dispel many of the negative notions surrounding the nation’s youth.

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