Students urged to pursue their dreams and work hard

Students are urged to work hard, pursue their dreams and go forward.

The Pierre Charles Secondary school held a reward ceremony for its students on Friday 30th of September 2011 which was caribbean youth day.



Featured speaker Steve Joseph quoted Benjamin Israeli, former Prime Minister of Britain and urged the students never to give up on their goals and aspirations.



Mr. Joseph told the students that after his grandmother’s passing when he was seventeen; he was responsible for himself and had to find whatever work he could to make ends meet. Today he holds a prominent job with the government of Dominica.



He went on to say that although they may stumble into difficulties in their lives they should not let that determine who they become.



The students were given a few tips to prepare for success in the future.

The top students from the various form levels were rewarded for different subjects.



Performances were carried out by some of the students of the Pierre Charles Secondary school.

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