Sugar Flower to represent the Morne Prosper Primary School at the 2012 Junior Monarch

Lauren Charles who goes by the stage name of ‘sugar flower’, will represent her school, the Morne Prosper primary school at the 2012 Junior Monarch competition.


Lauren made this announcement moments after being crowned as the 2011 Morne Prosper Primary School calypso after defeating 6 other competitors.


Her song entitled ‘set a good example’ called on politicians and other leaders to set good examples for young children to model.


Nathan Damier ‘wonder boy’ singing ‘my country’, came in second followed by Jonathan Henderson ‘super J’ singing ‘liberation’, Steven Terry ‘next level’ singing ‘let the children play’, Jurrel Charles ‘de regulator’ singing ‘right on Q’, Kimani George ‘de controller’ singing ‘bring it back’ and Keturah Allan ‘cat woman’ singing ‘no more slavery’.

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