Surinam Airways Plans Joint Operation with Guyana

Ewald Henshuijs- President and CEO of Surinam Airways

Surinam Airways (SLM) has big plans for Guyana, being fully aware that that country has no national carrier, a large Diaspora in North America, and a $150 million plan to modernize its airport. SLM now plans to capitalize on these realities.

Surinam Airways plans to expand and modify its fleet to accommodate its 2012-2015 business plan.

The discovery of large-scale oil, the gold rush and major airport expansion across the Guyanas has had a major impact on SLM’s ambitious expansion plans.

The Guyanas are poised for an economic boom due to the discovery of oil along the maritime boundaries between Suriname and French Guiana, and major expansion of the gold and other mineral sectors. Suriname has also seen an increased in its tourism industry.

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