Suriname Plans Embassies in Germany and Equatorial Guinea

Ties between Suriname and its former colonizers, the Netherlands, is seeking to expand its diplomatic outreach by establishing embassies in key areas of the globe.

Next year, two embassies will be established in Berlin and in Equatorial Guinea according to the foreign affairs minister of Suriname, Winston Lackin.

Suriname recently opened embassies in France and South Africa. Paris is seen as a natural and important partner for Suriname in Europe according to Lackin.

French Guyana borders Suriname. Lackin told the Suriname Times that preparatory work has started on the embassy in Berlin and that an ambassador will be posted there in 2013.

And by the end of this year, a Surinamese embassy will be opened in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. This will be Suriname’s second embassy in Africa.

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