Survival Walk as Part of Kairi FM’s 18th Anniversary

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As part of Kairi FM’s 18th Anniversary they are hosting a Survival Walk on Sunday November 9th, 2012.

Persons will be walking the Edward Oliver Leblanc Highway, in an effort to make people aware of Cancer and to let them realize that if is dangerous but can be contained.

Sales and Marketing Manager of Kairi FM, Mr. Heston Charles, says that in the past they have walked on various legs of the Waitukubuli National Trail, but this time around they wanted to take it to the West Coast.

This road has been deplorable in the past and he wants Dominicans to see and experience the tremendous improvements that have taken place over the years.

The Survival Walk is their biggest event for their 18th Anniversary Celebrations and the registration is $35.

Mr. Charles is encouraging persons to come join them in the fight against cancer.

He hopes they will have a greater turnout in the number of people that show up for the walk.

He emphasizes that it is not just a health walk, but a walk to bring awareness to cancer and its implications.

 He hopes that this walk will get people to get up from infront the television and start moving more.

That is one of the easiest walks to fight obesity, which is a main cause of cancers.

The walk will begin at the Canefield airport to end at Portsmouth. There will stops along the way for persons who cannot continue on the walk and a bus will be provided to take them back to Roseau.

So please, support the Ministry of Health and Kairi FM in fighting cancer.

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