Suspicious Fire at Canefield

One of Dominica’s calypsonians has lost his house and all his belongings in a suspicious house fire which occurred at Canefield in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Frank Arlington Deravariere, also known as The Equalizer, said that he has no clue as to the cause of the fire however mentioned that in his rush to attend work on time, forgot to remove the lighted mosquito coil by his window ledge.

Mr. Deravariere was left to wonder, “How can a mosquito coil do so much damage?” The saddened and confused Mr. Deravariere said that he does not know where this rugged path takes him but is hoping that the public will assist him financially.

He also stated that he did not see his stove and fan when he came to inspect the damage and assumes that someone might have stolen them.

SAT Telecommunications Ltd caught up with Mr. Philbert Samuel, public relations officer of the Dominica Fire Services, who gave further details on the matter.

Mr. Samuel also stated that there is a strong possibility that a mosquito coil can start a fire therefore we would like to caution the public, that there is not anything that is too small to start a fire especially during this hurricane season.

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