Swedish National Complete 91 day Trip to Dominica

34 year old Swedish sailor, Peder Astrom

34 year old Swedish sailor, Peder Astrom

34 year old Swedish sailor, Peder Astrom who arrived in Dominica following a 91 day journey from the Canary Islands said, his original destination was Barbados, however after encountering difficulty with sea currents, Dominica was recommended by his mother Marie Johansson Geger, which he did not regret since the Island is so beautiful.

Astrom rowed a wooden boat especially suited for Atlantic crossings, arriving on Island on the morning of Friday May 2nd 2014, after leaving the Canary Islands on January 31st 2014.

The idea for his lengthy trip came from a documentary he saw a few years ago, about two English men who completed a similar trip.

“There was some good days and bad days, but I would describe it as one of the toughest things I have ever done and probably will do in my life. Reaching land in Dominica was the best feeling I ever felt,” said Amstom

For the journey some of the essential supplies included; fresh food stored in plastic containers, solar panels, GPS, fresh water and a salt water purifier, in addition to a lot of chocolate that provided him with essential energy for the trip.

Astrom noted, though many would think this trip required extensive physical training, the main thing was being mentally ready, although rowing for 10 hours a day did require a lot of physical strength.

During the trip he came in close contact with marine life including; whales, sharks, dolphins and sea birds.

“I think if you have a dream, you have to try your best to make it a reality although its hard work, because in the end its worth it if you fulfill your dreams,” he added.

Rowing boat used by Peder Astrom by 91 day journey

Rowing boat used by Peder Astrom for 91 day journey

His next adventure will be the Ironman event in Hawaii, which is a triathlon including swimming, cycling and running for an estimated 10 to 15 hours.

Astrom said that he will visit Dominica again.

He left the Island on Tuesday May 6th 2014 to return to Sweden.



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