T20 Rounders Knock-Out Begins


Mr. Roger Francis, Coordinator of the T20 Rounders Knock-Out

Mr. Roger Francis, Coordinator of the T20 Rounders Knock-Out, has informed SAT News of the upcoming 3rd annual T20 Rounders Knock-Out carded for April 7th.

This year, the grand prize of $1500 will be awarded to the winner, and the individual with the most runs will be merited with a special prize.

Mr. Francis says this is a 10 week competition that will run until June 16th. He is asking the public to show up in large numbers on this day in particular, because it is said to be the grand finale where a number of bands are expected to perform.

He added, “rounders is not a recognized sport in Dominica and it should be”.

For the past three years, our athletes come together to compete in the T20 Rounders Knock-Out.  This gathering represents not only sport, but a culture of fair-play and regional relationships.  

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