Table Tennis Association Hosts Meeting


Snap shot of two individuals playing table tennis.

In an effort to revamp the Dominica Table Tennis Association, a special meeting was held on Saturday February 2nd 2013.

Interim Secretary of the Dominica Table Tennis Association Mr. Abraham Brown, says this meeting was also vital to refresh their executive which would be used as a springboard to further develop table tennis in Dominica.

He mentioned in the next 12 months, it is hoped that the Association will be hosting as many table tennis activities as possible.

Mr. Brown also added, he would love to see participation of their players in Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) games and the Caribbean Table Tennis Championships.

He pointed out that there is also the opportunity to benefit from a programme, where a coach may be sent to Dominica for three to six months to aid in the redevelopment of table tennis locally.

If this works out as planned, Mr. Brown is of the view that the Association will begin to function more effectively and focus on the tasks at hand.


Interim Secretary of the Dominica Table Tennis Association Mr. Abraham Brown

With the advent of the Sports Division Programmes, Mr. Brown added, table tennis was introduced in both primary and secondary schools, which is a positive approach for the sport.

What they will be working on is moving it to the next level, where the Association will embark on training exemplary players from primary and secondary schools, for further development.


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