Tampering with state property is a serious offence, says Weekes

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Claude Weekes is describing a recent fraud charge brought against two men, as a ‘serious offence’.

The two men appeared before the court on Monday on charges of fraud, relating to passports and birth certificates.

Inspector Weekes pointed out that any passport from any given country, remains the property of the state, and so, tampering with this document, is regarded as a very serious offence.

The police PRO says that while investigations are continuing into the matter, all efforts are being made to ensure that the case is dealt with efficiently and promptly.

According to him, cases of this nature can shed a bad light on the country’s image, and so, the police here will do all in their power to ensure that Dominica’s image is protected.

The penalties for these indictable charges can also vary, according to inspector Weekes.

The two men, Nash Mitchell and Lyndon Marie are now on remand at the Dominica State Prison, after bail was denied.

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