Tasha P crowned as Queen of Stardom Calypso Tent


Tasha P is the new Dominica Calypso Queen after she outperformed the other female calypsonians with her popular number ‘Let the children be children’ to capture the title, when the organizers of Stardom Calypso Tent held its 2011 Calypso Queen Contest, at Krazy Koconuts last evening.


Leandra who is one of two the ladies who have advanced to the final round of the 2011 Calypso Monarch Competition with the other being Tasha P, came in second with her song entitled ‘Pray for me’ while Lady Star came in third with ‘Belief’ and Sugar S fourth with A calypso called ‘Once the price is right’.


A total of eight (8) female calypsonians participated in the contest which was last won by Dominica’s songstress Tarina Simon.

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