Tay Way Vaval

The coastal village of Mero was the scene of an old Caribbean carnival tradition on February 22nd as they took part in Tay way Vaval.


Tay way Vaval is celebrated on Ash Wednesday following two days of carnival celebration.


Vaval is said to be the spirit of carnival and the community came together to make a dummy to represent Vaval.


They used old clothes and fiber stuffing to create the body and dressed it in men’s clothes.


Finally, they tied the Vaval to a pyre on the beach at sunset and set it ablaze marking the end of carnival revelry and the beginning of lent.


Festivities continued as the funeral pyre is built and as vaval’s effigy are consumed by the fire, dancing reaches its apogee.

Only when the flames die down does a calm settle over the crowd.


This act was the culminating celebration of the mero carnival celebrations that was held in the village.


It was the village’s second year hosting a carnival under the theme ‘we small but we standing tall’

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