Teachers are Better Equipped in Various Courses Following a two Week Workshop


Receiving of Gifts

The Dominica Association of Teachers, Canadian Teachers Federation and the Ministry of Education, have closed the curtains on a two week summer program, which accommodated approximately 50 teachers.


Mrs. Melena Fountain, Acting Chief Education Officer

Throughout the training the teachers benefited from training sessions in four professional courses; Food & Nutrition, Literacy, Numeracy and Special Education.

Mrs. Melena Fountain, Acting Chief Education Officer, in her address to the participants of the workshop at the Convent High School on Thursday July 25th, congratulated the participants for their accomplishments.

Mrs. Fountain added that no individual can develop fully if they are not educated in some way.

Various gifts were presented to deserving individuals for their support throughout the two week workshop.


Receiving of Certificates

All the teachers received certificates for their participation in the summer workshop.


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