Teachers Award Ceremony

Shirley Luke

On July 4th, the PTA of the Goodwill Primary recognized some of their teachers with an award ceremony held at the school.

They wanted to thank the teachers for their hard work throughout the school year.

Chairman of the PTA, Mr. John Lambert, says that children these days are hyperactive and challenged and as such teachers have become mothers, fathers, brothers, and even nurses to students.

Principal of the Goodwill Primary School, Mrs. Mirium Lewis, says the ministry has said that every school must have a Parents Teachers Association, and the Goodwill School is the first to recognize their teachers.

One of the teachers, Ms. Claudia Ferback, was awarded based on service to the school. She served for five years.

Other teachers awarded were Shirley Luke, Josephine Jemmott and Vernelle Pacquette.

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