Teachers Awarded at the Goodwill Primary School


Mrs. Margret Royer, Western District Education Officer

Teachers were awarded for their hard work and contributions at the Goodwill Primary School, on Friday June 28th.

According to Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and the Principal of the Goodwill Primary School, this award ceremony would not have been possible without the contribution of Malcolm Stephens and Sons, Dominica Hucksters Association and La Flamboyant Hotel.

This is the third year that the school is hosting this activity. Chairman of the Event, Mr. John Lambert, said their theme, “Teachers changing the World one child at a time”, describes the work of the teachers at the Goodwill Primary School.

Principal of Goodwill Primary, Mrs. Miriam Lewis, noted, at their last ceremony, there were various categories they looked at, in order to nominate the awardees.

Mrs. Margret Royer, Western District Education Officer, said several times, teachers complain that they are not recognized.

Therefore, she commended the PTA for this initiative.

Mrs. Joan Joseph, Ms. Gracy Lawrence and Ms. Geraldine Paul all received awards for Punctuality.


Principal of Goodwill Primary, Mrs. Miriam Lewis,

The following teachers received awards for the Highest Percentage for the school year 2012-2013.

Ms. Hannah Masicott received the Visual Arts award.


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